Eye Floaters

I recently have developed eye floaters, and wow, what are these things? I keep searching on the internet for websites and information on eye floaters and cures for eye floaters and vitamins or anything really, and no matter how hard I look nothing works. I miss the days where I can look at beautiful sunsets and go to a baseball game without squinting, or thinking something is coming at me. I mean look at the picture above are those floaters? or are they birds? I have been weeding out different things that I do to my body to see if there is anything that i consume that does it to me. For example I have noticed that the more caffiene I consumer, the worse my vision gets, or the more noticable the eye floaters get. I have taken vitamins, such as vitamin d, and i have even had doctors look at me to see if surgery would help. I came across a blog and let me tell you not only has it provided me with information for eye floaters but it has also show me different vitamins that work. The blog is Eye Floaters. I highly recommend checking it out.